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Company: Family Ski Company
Category: Ski resort jobs (Ski Resort Rep Jobs, Ski Childcare Jobs, Ski Entertainment Jobs)
Location(s): France

Family Ski Company

Role description: Activity Leaders provide fun, safe and secure activities for the children on holiday. Children’s ages range from 3 months to 12 years and cover three Kids clubs, the Adventurers, The Powder Hounds and the Powder Pups. Each resort has its own well-equipped crèche, and Activity Leaders are expected to bring their ...more details

Company: BUNAC
Category: Ski resort jobs (Hotel jobs, Ski Resort Maintenance Jobs, Ski Entertainment Jobs)
Location(s): Canada


There is still a chance to get your Canadian visa in 2018! Apply now to our Work Canada programme for your best chance of securing the visa which allows you to work and travel in Canada for up to two years. BUNAC's Work Canada programme is your next epic adventure waiting to happen. As part of our Ultimate package, we help you get a seasonal job ...more details

Company: EA Ski & Snowboard Training
Category: Ski resort jobs (Jobs suitable for couples, Guiding / instructor roles, Ski Entertainment Jobs)
Location(s): Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United States

EA Ski & Snowboard Training

EA Ski & Snowboard Training are now recruiting for winter jobs at resorts in Canada, Japan, the USA, Europe and New Zealand (starting June 2018).  These highly sought after internship positions include your introduction to the ski industry, full training and a guaranteed job offer.  Who should apply: People passionate about the ...more details

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